So, my basic philosophy when it comes to our portrait sessions, is to keep it fun and easy and stress-free!    I know sometimes this is easier said than done, but here are some ways to be prepared for your sessions...


Family and Children

I do both in-studio and on-location sessions (up to 1/2 hour distance from my house without any additional charge).  These sessions last from an hour to an hour and a half.  I try to make each session as personal to the family as possible.  For example, if your family loves the beach and boating, we will go to the beach at sunset and get some beautiful images there!  The more creative we get and more personalized to your family, the better the images!


Please feel free to bring snacks and favorite toys to keep the kids happy!  As far as what to wear, please use the following guidelines and I can also help you with a consultation if necessary!


~ Coordinated, but not matchy-matchy...Everyone in the same outfits seems like a cute and easy idea, but I find that if you coordinate outfits rather than match them, you will be happier with the results.


~ Interesting hats, headbands, and accessories are welcome and encouraged.  Tutus for girls, cute hats for boys both make for fantastic pictures!


~ Dress in colors that you like and that you would want to see in your home...If you decorate your home in bright colors, a beautiful pop of turquoise in your clothing would look beautiful.


~ Try to avoid name brand graphic logos (Nautica, Gap, Old Navy, etc...) and character tee-shirts (Dora, Toy Story, etc...)




These sessions can last up to two or three hours, so be prepared for a lengthy session!  These are in-studio sessions only.   One of the reasons these sessions last so long is to give the baby enough time to eat, be changed and cuddled.  A full, dry and happy baby will give us beautiful pictures, which is why we don't work under crazy fast time constraints.


I keep the temperature in my studio at a toasty 80-85 degrees.  Wear layers to stay comfortable and bring some snacks!  For moms and dads I recommend that you dress simple in neutral colors and if dads are comfortable going shirtless is always an option (and often results in beautiful pictures).


Bring a change of clothing for everyone involved with getting pictures taken - newborns often spit up and have accidents, which is completely expected!  A typical diaper bag filled for an excursion should be sufficient.  If siblings are going to be involved in the pictures, I would recommend that you have another person bring them in for the beginning of the session and then allow them to leave when it is over if possible.  Three hours is a lot to expect from the older kiddos!


I like simplicity with newborn pictures, so babies in their birthday suits or diapers always make great pictures.  If you have a special onesie or outfit, feel free to bring that along as well as any other props that have meaning to your family.  I have a fabulous selection of hats, headbands, tutus and other props, but personalized ones, such as name blocks, a special stuffed animal, etc...make your images so very special!


Laura Elyse Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity, family and child photography in Connecticut and surrounding areas including but not limited to Fairfield County and New Haven County.